GRASS VALLEY, Calif. May 24, 2023 – Nevada County Fairground CEO Andrew Trygg and Deputy CEO Katie Bielen join us for the inaugural episode of ‘What’s happening at the Fairgrounds?’ a bi-weekly segment highlighting the Fairgrounds’ events, facilities and history.

YouTube video

The Nevada County Fairgrounds are buzzing with activity today as crews set up for the Strawberry Music Festival. The Fairgrounds will reopen to the community on Tuesday after the festival is over and the grounds are restored.

Marigold Watch

We’ll be following the iconic Marigolds planted last week by NU’s Horticulture class and report back on their progress here on Marigold Watch. As you heard in the video, gophers already find them quite tasty. Thanks to the work of the gardeners, you won’t notice any empty spaces. Many plants are already well-established and California Poppies provide bright splashes of color.

If you have a story about the Fairgrounds you’d like to share, email us. The Fairgrounds are an important part of the community, let’s get to know and appreciate them.