January 19, 2017 – Gold Country Community Services is excited to announce that it has received several gifts of dog food that were initiated by a large donation from the Gold Country Kennel Club to support the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry, (PFP), a service that assists seniors who receive home delivered meals.

The call came into our pantry hot line from Chana Chittock at Simply Country (the main supplier for the PFP) that there was a donation purchased for us to pick up. This turned out to be from the local dog club, Gold Country Kennel Club under the direction of Chuck Teasley and Linda Emmanuel. It was quite a load to fit in one car but Krista, the program’s coordinator, piled her little car, high on the back seat, down on the floor boards and in the trunk as well, with bags and bags of Diamond Brand “grain free” dog foods in “easy to deliver” bags.

But Chana had more in store for us. Blue Buffalo donated dog food, Natural Balance donated dog food, Fromm’s donated dog food, and Acana donated some as well. Thanks again to Simply Country for facilitating all this activity and going beyond what a business would normally do!!

This is truly a blessing to all the dog owners enrolled in the PFP and appreciated more than anyone could possibly understand. This insures that our clients can feed and care for their best friends, keeping them together as long as possible. These pets are their whole lives, their confidants, protection, therapy, and support systems. They really do deserve the best.

Thank you again, Gold Country Kennel Club and Simply Country, for starting a movement. From the tips of our noses, to the pads on our toes, we are doing the happy doggie dance!!!

Signed, Shiloh J. Bordercollie

Spokesdog for the Gold Country Pet Food Pantry and experienced columnist for Grass Valley Host Lions