December 4, 2020 – With nearly 1 in 5 of those Yuba-Sutter residents who get tested for COVID-19 showing positive, some of the worst test positivity rates in the State, and Adventist Health-Rideout already overwhelmed with no ICU beds available, a public health advisory has been issued.

            The public health advisory – in effect through Dec. 28 – works to combat the dire situation faced by our area’s only hospital. Hospitalizations of Yuba-Sutter residents have nearly tripled in the past few weeks, and at time of this advisory ICU beds are full. Previous plans for an alternate care site are no longer feasible, due to staffing shortages all over the State and country.

            The advisory, in effect Monday, Dec. 7, addresses four elements in limiting exposure:

  1. Limit outings outside your home to once per week for essential activities like grocery shopping, getting medications, etc., and do not invite others outside of your home into your home
  2. Revert schools – all grades – back to distance learning
  3. No in-person dining, regardless of outdoor or indoor
  4. Minimizing in-person County, City and other government functions that will not jeopardize public safety

This local public health advisory is separate from the State of California’s regional Stay at Home Order, which goes into effect when a specific region has less than 15% ICU capacity. Yuba-Sutter belongs to the greater Sacramento Region, and as a region we are not there yet but will likely soon be. More information on the State order can be found at

“As a physician, epidemiologist and your public health officer I am convinced the current health advisory is the right course of action.  I am keenly aware of the burdens placed on local businesses, individuals and families, and I do not make these decisions lightly.  It is heartbreaking to see the impacts this deadly virus has had on our community,” Dr. Luu said.

This ask is crucial in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and easing the burden on all of our health care workers, particularly those in our hospitals. Our goals are: mitigate the risk of more of our residents becoming infected, reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths from COVID 19 complications, and provide relief for our community hospital.

To read the full advisory, visit and