NEVADA CITY, Calif. January 1, 2018 – Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. Rather than the traditional look back on the past year, we’d like to look ahead to the new year and its possibilities. Each of us can make a difference and we all ought to try.

Many things unite us, starting with our sense of place. We all live here, see the same sun rise in the east and set in the west. We may disagree on decisions or policies made by elected leaders, but we have the option to do so civilly. All politics may be local but it doesn’t have to be nasty.

Please and thank you are simple words with great impact. Using them often and everywhere is highly recommended. Taking the extra ten seconds to hold the door for someone gives you a micro-break and the opportunity to greet, nod or simply make life a tiny bit easier for the person behind you – for free.

New Year’s resolutions traditionally revolve around healthier habits. 40% of Americans resolve to be more physically active and eat healthier. Living here you have more help than you think. If a gym membership doesn’t appeal to you, use the trails or walk in the many parks. Support your local farmers and stores, grab the food that is in season and put your money back in the local economy. Invite your friends to split a CSA share or grow some of your own food. A garden is a great workout place and the rewards carry the additional bonus of “We grew that!” pride with them.

Talk to your neighbors, because we do depend on each other. If you live in the Wildland Urban Intermix (WUI) plan to create a safer landscape together. Sharing the work and talking about fire safety is important. Also, sharing drinks or a meal after clearing brush is a well-deserved reward.

Stay engaged, informed and support your local media. We’ll be here to report the news, achievements, fails, emergencies and the unforeseeable.

Susan and Pascale

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