Photo: YubaNet
Photo: YubaNet

NEVADA CITY, Calif. August 12, 2016 – Keeping cool on a summer day with scorching temperatures often means spending time on the Yuba. But after a shooting incident earlier this week, some people are unsure if their favorite swimming holes are a good place to be.

Use common sense

Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal understands the concerns. His office is still investigating the shooting of SAR volunteer Steve Wolf. “We discontinued the search for the shooter and the missing hiker. But our investigation is still very much active, we are following up on leads.”

Royal  had some advice for people wanting to go to the river: “Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something unusual, or encounter anyone suspicious or aggressive – back up and call us.”

Water safety

River levels have gone down as summer progresses. Still, watch for hidden rocks and undercurrents that can injure or trap you. Life-jackets for kids, sunscreen for everybody should be part of your gear.

Fire safety

No fires allowed. Period. All State Parks areas are day use only, no camping and no fires allowed. BLM’s South Yuba Primitive campground is open, you need a valid camping permit and again, no campfires allowed, only cook stoves. Tahoe National Forest campgrounds require a valid camping permit and no campfires, only cooking stoves allowed. All other TNF lands have a strict no fire policy.


Only park in designated areas. If your vehicle is blocking the road and/or creates a safety hazard a ticket will be waiting for you – or your car may be towed. Impeding traffic puts you and everyone else at risk. Emergency vehicles need to access any incident as fast as possible. In the event of a fire, rapid egress from the river canyon can be a matter of life and death.


Remember to hydrate regularly and make sure kids and pets are drinking copious amounts of water.

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