What do the songs Teach Your Children, Rocket Man, Country Roads, Don’t Stop Believin’, Let Me Be There, We Are Family, California Dreamin’, and A Little Help From My Friends have in common? They have been sung by Nevada County locals at Miners Foundry and can be enjoyed by going on YouTube and typing in Foundry Sings!

YouTube video

You won’t want to miss joining us on Wednesday, April 5th for the next sing along! Miners Foundry is committed to bringing the community together five times a year to sing just for fun.

Everyone is welcome! To prove that point, for our first sing along in 2018, we passed out shower caps for those who traditionally only sing in the shower!

Rod Baggett, our gifted music director, uses his talent and quirky sense of humor to encourage a random group of people to sing. Everyone receives the lyrics sheet carefully deconstructed by Rod with no need to know how to read music.

After trying out the song a few times, the singers break into smaller groups to practice their parts. Jonathan Meredith, well loved singer and guitar player, with the patience of a saint, has accompanied every Foundry Sings since the first one.         

We are now also joined by the talented members of Harmony Happens, including Rod, Pamela Roberts, Heather Grove, Robbie Merchant and Tim Yamauchi and with their help, the singing has an extra shine!

The doors open at 5:30, $10 tickets are available on the Miners Foundry website and are also available at the door. The stunning Foundry Bar will be operating to ensure your vocal cords stay limber. Come with friends or come by yourself and make new friends.

Singing begins as close to 6 as possible and a video of our best sounding performance is made by 8:30. We will be learning and making a video of the song Wagon Wheel. And lastly, so that one song isn’t stuck in your head, aka “earworm”, we close with a different song before you head out the door.

Foundry Sings comes with a smile guarantee!